FIFA 15: 10 Over-Powered Clubs Who Will Dominate

The teams who everyone and their dog will be abusing on FIFA 15.

One of the most important things in the world of video gaming is achieving balance. No weapon, character, car or fighter should feel more overpowered compared to the other options available to the player. This is why games like Tekken, COD and Need for Speed have remained so popular over the years €“ Heihachi can be defeated by any Tekken character, the lowliest pistol can be used to dish out headshots and any car can win any given race. Achieving this balance is rather harder in sporting sims. Whether it€™s in ice hockey, basketball or football, certain teams dominate their competition in real life and so to make the game realistic, these teams must be more effective in the video game. This is most definitely the case in the FIFA franchise as €“ in spite of financial fair play €“ the fiscal side of football means that some teams have substitutes wasting away on the bench who are better than the stars of their competitors. Unfortunately the teams which will be overpowered on FIFA 15 will allow unskilled gamers to often beat players who would destroy them in a fair contest (unless of course the FIFA-pro also uses one of the teams on this list). Here are the 10 squads who everybody will inevitably be using online when the game is released in under a week:

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