FIFA 17: 7 Big New Additions You Need To Know

From the title's very first story mode, to a groundbreaking new game engine.

EA Sports

No sooner has football either disappeared or kicked off for the summer (delete as appropriate), do the announcements for the latest FIFA come bounding into view.

While fans of actual football are occupied with the current goings-on in France, the digital footballing world turned its attention to EA's conference in London for the unveiling of FIFA 17. They were promised the franchise's most dramatic leap forward in a generation and, on the face of it, EA might have delivered that.

As ever, the jury will be out until the masses have actually played the thing. Initial hype for the game is usually through the roof, only for the biggest developments to be 5 new animations for goal kicks or the ability to tweet about your games. The FIFA hype boom and bust cycle follows a pretty similar pattern every single season.

However a raft of refinements, improvements, and brand new features certainly suggests that FIFA 17 will look and feel like a landmark title in the series. Developers have looked at player's most common gripes and suggestions, incorporated the latest in motion-cap technology, and made a big effort to offer the most fully formed installment to date. What's more, their offering the first ever true Story Mode in the series.

With a few months to go until a release, what do players have to look forward to in FIFA 17...

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