FIFA 17 Demo: 10 Hands-On Impressions You Need To Know

The new penalty system will take some getting used to...

EA Sports/YouTube

Eagerly anticipated by football fans around the globe almost as much as anything involving the real sport, FIFA is an annual pilgrimage for gamers of all ages. Each year, we wonder whether or not this might be the edition in which EA Sports finally upgrade that Career Mode, or get round to putting more actual stadiums in the game.

For FIFA 17, EA have wheeled out the same old talk of 'gameplay changes'. Play any of the previous three or four iterations of the long-running franchise though, and it's genuinely hard to spot the difference if you're a casual gamer. In 17, that looks set to change, and not before time - FIFA 17 plays very differently.

Obviously, the demo just released on Xbox One and PS4 for download is a shell of what the complete game will be. That doesn't change the fact that it promises so much. EA didn't scrimp on features, even allowing a short introduction to what The Journey has to offer, including a post-match media interview.

Having played the demo extensively, using every team available and on a variety of difficulty settings, here are ten observations from a hardcore FIFA fanatic...

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