FIFA 17 Demo: 10 Hands-On Impressions You Need To Know

10. Passing Feels Slower

EA Sports

It stands to reason that good passing is at the core of any football video game. After all, it's one of the most basic parts of the sport EA emulate so well, making the ability to string together intricate passing routines critical. In FIFA 17, some subtle changes have been made to the way passing works.

Fire up last year's game after a session on the 17 demo, and this becomes much more obvious. Overall, passing this year feels much slower, and doesn't seem to be as pinpoint, either. This takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a good thing.

Through balls naturally don't go to a player, they're always available to run onto. Passing in general has that feel, players now have to do much more moving towards the ball rather than waiting on it to get to them. In other words, the ball doesn't 'stick' to anyone's feet like it once did.

EA Sports will likely tweak this further in the final release, but it feels natural in the game's demo as things stand.

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