FIFA 18: 10 Rumours That Could Be True

Indoor football, VR compatibility, rumoured cover stars and more...

The Journey, FIFA 17
EA Sports

If EA Sports proceeded to change absolutely nothing from FIFA 17 in time for 18 other than re-skinning new kits and reflecting real-life transfers, the game would still sell by the truckload. That's the reality of EA's football juggernaut.

That doesn't mean FIFA shouldn't push forward though, because 17 was hardly the perfect game. Fans of the series demand constant updates, and this feverish quest for information has led to numerous rumours hitting the internet harder than Ibrahimovic smashes in penalties.

Several of these suggestions are merely the result of fan wish lists, but what if they're true? What if EA are going to bring back a feature not seen since FIFA 98: Road To The World Cup or allow Chinese football to completely change Career Mode?

If any of these rumours do become reality in FIFA 18, the game could feel like the freshest FIFA in years...


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