FIFA 18: 10 Rumours That Could Be True

10. FIFA 18 Won't Be On Last-Gen Consoles

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FIFA 07 was the first title in the series to hit Microsoft's Xbox 360 (Sony's PS3 didn't get a version and would have to wait until the following year for some FIFA-style goodness). Ever since 07's release at the tail end of 2006, every single FIFA game has been on that generation of consoles, but it all ends here.

Rumours persist that FIFA 18 won't be on the 360 or PS3 at all. This makes sense, because the FIFA 17 fans clinging on to both consoles experienced was stripped down beyond belief and even used the old Ignite engine to run the game instead of the Frostbite one Xbox One and PS4 owners played.

It looks like it's time for those who still show their old consoles a lot of love to get with the times and update to a newer system. Of all the rumours circulating about FIFA 18, this one seems to have the most truth about it. The current console cycle has been running for over four years now, so it's time to kiss the old goodbye and focus on the current gen.


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