FIFA 18: 7 Players Who Can’t Be Happy With Their Rating

EA forgot about Marco Reus in a hurry, didn't they?


Fire up FIFA 17 once or twice more before 18 drops on September 29 and you'll be greeted with the image of Marco Reus on the game's title screen. Pick up your copy of the game and there's Marco again, this time looking determined as he spins to strike the ball on the cover. This year, the Borussia Dortmund star EA previously raved about is a complete afterthought.

That can't be nice for Reus to come to terms with. Things get worse when you analyse his stats in the new game, and he's far from alone as somebody who should be grumbling about his rating. EA can't please everybody, and football is an ever-changing sport, but some of the drop offs last year's stars have experienced are dramatic.

Then there are those who, despite starting to make waves in the real game, are still left wanting in FIFA 18. Some of these players have even taken EA to task on social media. Hidden beneath the jokey laughing smileys and sarcasm are frustrated footballers who (rightly or wrongly) take a lot of pride in their FIFA ranking.

At least they get paid a lot of money, eh?

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