FIFA 19: 10 Things EA Should Steal From PES

10. The Unique In-Stadium Atmosphere

PES 2018

EA made a lot of noise about how FIFA 18's in-stadium atmosphere would be immersive, add to the overall match day package and leave everyone dribbling over how accurate it all was. The truth is, it didn't have the depth of PES 2018. Heresy? Perhaps, but read on.

Play FIFA matches in South America and they look no different to your average League One plodder between Blackpool and Charlton. In PES, they feel remarkably unique, and come packed with specific chants, crowds and even hues of colour in the skies.

That's something we'd love to see in FIFA 19.

If EA only lift one part of Konami's atmosphere suite, it should be the wicked combination of stadium scale and flares. The smoke billowing out of those ominous containers adds so much to the atmosphere overall, and it's even more impressive when camera shots look up at steep stands.

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