FIFA 19 Career Mode: 8 New Things You Need To Know

7. New Champions League Cut Scenes

EA Sports

That's not to say players can't enjoy the fact that EA finally have their hands on the one license that was arguably keeping Konami's PES series afloat. Some of the new Champions League integration is very nice in FIFA 19, and it gives Careers an authenticity they lacked when the unofficial Champions Cup and Euro League were around.

EA have gone all out to ensure both competitions mean something in your manager mode.

On the main hub, you can watch draw for the group stages and knockouts rounds of both cups, and there's an aesthetic change to the dash board that represents which match day is upcoming; that may seem small, and yet it lifts the experience beyond what FIFA has been capable of in recent years. Think those old World Cup titles from '98 and 2010 for an example of what awaits you.

Career Mode is all about immersion, and seeing the Champions League or Europa League draws for your team will feed that even if it is a slight design switch more than a game-changing one.

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