FIFA 19 Career Mode: 8 New Things You Need To Know

6. Man Utd Are A Buying Manager's Dream

EA Sports

Those who have been lucky enough to spend some time with FIFA 19's beta will know that some of the club budgets in Career Mode are wild, specifically in the Premier League. That's not a bad thing in this day and age when mid-table sides such as Everton can easily go out and drop £50m on a new player.

Anyone who considers themselves a spending spree kind of manager will love what's on offer this year.

Man Utd top the list in terms of funds available. Their starting kitty clocks in at a stunning £195,362,000, and that's before offloading dead wood like Matteo Darmian or Phil Jones. Elsewhere, big-spenders in the Prem include Man City (£176m), Chelsea (£112m) and Arsenal (£110m). Those are all higher than Real Madrid (£109m), Barcelona (£106m) and Juventus (£83m).

Only French giants PSG (£167m) can joust with the English balance sheet big boys. So, if piecing together the best squad money can buy is your thing in FIFA's Career Mode, taking over at Utd and booting Mou from his hotseat will be your jam.

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