FIFA 20: 10 Players That Will Be Criminally Underrated

Who will the juggernaut series do dirty this year?

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Oh it's that wonderful time of year. A time when kids are screaming at their parents, who in turn are running out to shops and handing over their credit cards. No, it's not Christmas, FIFA 20 is almost here!

FIFA 20 is, arguably, the most exciting entry in the series in some time; with the addition of Volta mode, and a bigger focus on Career Mode. However there are likely to be drawbacks to the game that keep us screaming at our screens until the next instalment is installed.

One such issue is, as always, player ratings. As much fun as we have seeing new kits, new modes, and such, one of the most interesting aspects of any new FIFA is those player ratings. Obviously, there is always some fan bias that play into how we perceive the ratings, but there's also a healthy dose of objectivity and just plain old fairness that should go into it.

For example, you might hate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but you can't argue he didn't earn his 88 rating in FIFA 19. So leave your bias at the door as we dive into our predictions for which players will be overrated in FIFA 20. You can pick up said bias, along with a case of vitriol, on your way into the comments section. Enjoy!

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