FIFA 20 Career Mode: 10 Ways EA Can REALLY Fix It

This disaster will take more than an apology and a few Ultimate Team packs...

EA Sports

Konami staff trawling Twitter between 24-30 September must've laughed hard.

They, along with countless other social media users, would've loved (or lamented, depending on your allegiance in the footy gaming war) the sight of thousands of #FixCareerMode posts cluttering timelines everywhere. FIFA fans forking out serious cash for EA's latest game were not happy, and with good reason.

Career Mode, a long adored but barely important cog in EA's cash machine, was horrendously broken, buggy and unplayable. Look at the pic above to see Manchester City fielding a squad of no-hopers during crunch Premier League matches, then recoil in horror at the thought of that happening regularly throughout a season that sees them finish 18th.

Other hitches include post-game press conferences that don't reflect what's just happened on the pitch, player editing totally switching positions at random, league tables showing alarming stats like 75 matches played and both the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues failing to start after a few seasons.

It's a game-breaking, anger-causing mess. Here's how EA can fix it beyond simply patching out their own (frankly disgraceful) pre-release quality control muck ups...

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