FIFA 20 Career Mode: 7 New Additions You Need To Know

Sweeping, innovative Career-making changes or window dressing? You decide...

EA Sports

"Look! The menus are a new colour!", said nobody ever.

Flashy new in-stadium decals, colour schemes and commentary pairings aren't going to cut it this year. The Career Mode crew have had enough, and they demand EA Sports pull a finger out and start delivering the single-player suite everyone deserves. Will FIFA 20 finally be the year? Maybe/maybe not, but at least EA are dedicating time to the mode and making some changes.

They proudly released a 'Pitch Notes' blog post detailing all the various improvements long-suffering managers can expect to see when they wearily fire up the new game, pick 'New Career' and then ignore 'Player Career' in favour of donning the suit in dugouts across the land.

Everything you need to know is here, including handy new features that should make management less of a slog, bug fixes that better-replicate real life football, inspired implementation of some features seen in other big EA sports franchises and more customisation than ever before.

All going well, EA's official forums won't be awash with angry and disappointed gamers wanting to know why Ultimate Team is the only focus. Changed days? Perhaps...

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