FIFA 21: 10 Fastest Players

Spam that sprint button!

EA Sports

Back in the glory days of FIFA '98, it was entirely possible to tap the triangle button (on the default setting, until your finger felt like it might fall off) and successfully burst through the defence towards goal. The pain was worth it, especially if you were playing a friend who couldn't tackle your winger because his or her own digits were in agony.

That was the FIFA way. Speed, back then, was paramount.

The series has evolved to include different elements that make it a less one-note experience. Defenders are tougher to simply race past, and one must plan out attacks rather than zipping the ball to a trusty midfielder and spamming buttons every single time. FIFA has changed, but pace is still an important factor.

Although FIFA hasn't quite added 'Superstar X-Factors' like those seen in Madden, it is a good idea to have players in your squad with built-in afterburners or certain skills. In fact, when combined with other key attributes like stamina and shot power, these speedsters can be deadly.

Here's your handy guide to the fastest players in this year's release...

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