FIFA 21: 10 Football Legends Who Must Be Icons

These players have to be included in the upcoming game.

EA Sports

Unlike other sports games, until recently EA's FIFA series had only rarely included references to the history of football, namely in the inclusion of a Classic XI team featuring some of the legends of the game.

That all changed with the introduction of Icon cards on FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing gamers to take control of some of the most decorated players in football history (that is, if they can afford the high prices they can command on the FUT market) and craft a winning side around them. FIFA 20 contained the largest number of Icon's to date with over three hundred special cards featured, with each player having three cards to chronicle different stages of their careers.

With a history as extensive and legendary as that of the beautiful game, there are literally hundreds of footballers who have done enough during their time on the pitch to warrant deserve the title of the icon.

However, despite the most recent title's impressive roster, there are still a number of iconic players that are yet to make their way into the game and would be solid inclusions for the upcoming FIFA 21.


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