FIFA 21: 10 Players Who Will Be Horribly Underrated

They deserve better and we all know it.

EA Sports

When EA release their annual database there are always a fair few contentious decisions to be discussed.

Whilst we can allow the fact that there are literally thousands of footballers spanning multiple continents available in the game, there are constant allegations from the fans that EA tends to ignore many of the league outside of the typical top 3 of the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga.

Between strange decisions on ratings, stats and positions, there are certainly a lot of areas the developers can improve upon.

One major talking point every year is which players deserved to be higher-rated.

Maybe they had an exemplary year but in a league viewed as less challenging or they picked up an injury that prevented their development. Sometimes EA gets caught downgrading and underrating players just for being the wrong side of 30, no matter how they perform.

This list is for those players that EA has forgotten, or maybe just haven't been generous enough.

Whatever the reasoning, these players deserve justice.

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