FIFA 21: 10 Reasons To Be Worried

New hardware. New competition. Same old problems?

Your enjoyment of FIFA 20 depended on your patience, longevity with the series and whether or not you do anything with the game other than open Ultimate Team packs.

It was just another year for EA's footy machine, but it didn't roll past without serious flak on YouTube and social media from angry gamers who demanded to know why everything was so stale. Bugs and glitches were popping up all over the place too, and the whole project became 2019's latest reminder that annual franchises might not be worth the cash every time they're pumped out onto store shelves.

At this stage, a year off would be a blessing. That's not going to happen though, and it leads many to worry about what FIFA 21 will bring. This will be the dawn of yet another new era for EA's uncompromising juggernaut, and they're not the only ones vying to make it special. Those who venture beyond FIFA's limits know there's stiff competition for the football gaming crown.

Start chewing those fingernails, FIFA lovers, because there are loads of reasons to fret about what 21 will be like...

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