FIFA 21: 10 Reasons To Be Worried

10. The New Console Curse

EA Sports/Sony

FIFA 14 was the first entry in the series to hit PS4 and Xbox One. At the time, some playing in 2013 marvelled at the quality of the grass (seriously) and loudly shouted about how EA's series was going to smash it on new hardware. That excitement dampened over the next few years until possibly around FIFA 18 or 19.

15 and 16 were experiments to see what the new systems were capable off, but they lacked those killer features that'd come later. The Journey was a single-player story fans had cried out for, and the addition of UEFA licenses like the Champions League really helped EA shift units.

Still, it wasn't quite the leap up in overall quality and presentation some were expecting.

Expect that cycle to start all over again when FIFA lands on PS5 and the next Xbox. EA might fire out a quick release like they did with 14 and tout some graphical flourishes as major advancements. That will (they hope) dodge fan questions about why nothing has really changed.

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