FIFA 21 Reveal: 10 Things We Most Want To See

9. Address The Future Of Career Mode

EA Sports

As is seemingly always the case upon the release of new hardware, much of the FIFA 21 reveal will likely be devoted to describing how the game will push the graphical capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series X to such an extent that we will be able to see every drop of sweat on Cristiano Ronaldo's face and count every genetically enhanced hair on Wayne Rooney's head.

And, while admittedly seeing a new game push realism to a whole new level is something most people will no doubt be able to get behind, it comes in the midst of years of fans calling for an upheaval to the dated career mode in the series which appears to have largely fallen on deaf ears.

We're not asking much of EA, and we realise that us spending countless hours slaving away trying to get Scunthorpe United to the Champions League isn't exactly a money-spinner in the same way as Ultimate Team, but change is desperately needed, and an announcement about a reformed experience could bring many a lapsed fan back to the series.


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