FIFA 21 Reveal: 10 Things We Most Want To See

8. Volta Football

EA Sports

Oh, Volta Football...

The game mode that many saw as the heir apparent to the cult classic FIFA Street series was introduced last year with a whole lot of anticipation, as fans clamoured to take control of their favourite footballing talents in the futsal-like experience.

Unfortunately, while the small-sided games contested in congested street-like arenas did force players to emphasise the close control and skills that made the FIFA Street games so beloved, Volta Football failed to capture the essence of what made those games so great.

Weaved in between the games was a largely forgettable storyline that did little to reach the heights of competitors such as the epic drama included in the NBA 2K series.

If EA intends on continuing the Volta experiment, the FIFA 21 reveal is the perfect avenue to show how gameplay will be improved so that the mode can possibly live up to its sizeable hype in the upcoming title.


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