FIFA 21 Review: 6 Ups & 7 Downs

A 'Career' renaissance or an 'Ultimate' disappointment?

EA Sports

EA's approach to FIFA 21 has been heavy on "Dual Entitlement" pomp.

Buy this year's game on PS4 or Xbox One, they say, and you'll get to play a souped-up edition on next-gen hardware soon. Admittedly, it's a dangling carrot some gamers won't be able to resist, but current-gen versions still need to be solid. Last year, FIFA 20 launched with some glaring bugs - such moments are PR nightmares in the age of rampant social media use.

EA didn't want another disaster quite like it, so they made sure to take extra care over 21 pre-release. Spend even a few hours testing out all the various modes and that attention to detail shows. It might not be popular to say when these titles are (without question) meagre annual updates, but FIFA 21 is a very enjoyable football game at heart.

Tinkering with some core gameplay elements has livened up attacking, and minor changes to Career Mode show that's finally heading in the right direction after years of being pushed aside for FUT. Of course, in typical EA fashion, there's a negative around every corner too.

Is it all bad though? Not at all...

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