FIFA 21 Review: 6 Ups & 7 Downs


7. Volta Still Isn't Different Enough

FIFA 21 Volta
EA Sports

It's hard to know who Volta is aimed at.

The old FIFA Street crowd noted that last year's debut wasn't nearly different enough to standard 11v11 matches elsewhere. The 3v3 format and funky backdrops, whilst certainly appealing visually, kinda' break down when you're actually playing. That's a problem.

Volta either needs to become speedier and even more arcade-like, or dress itself up as some skill-based sprint that relies on trickery. Right now, it's neither. In fact, it plays out like a less-fun version of the main game, and feels largely untouched from last year.

The short-but-sweet story mode does offer up some neat surprises when it comes to iconic players from the past, but it's over in a flash. You'll fiddle around with this for an hour or so before growing bored (unless you loved FIFA 20's original).

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