FIFA 23 Career Mode: 10 Changes You Need To Know

Customisable Pep Guardiola! New cutscenes! Everything you need to know about FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Career Mode
EA Sports

Let's be honest, FIFA 23 is going to be very similar to FIFA 22.

There's just no getting around that. This is an annual sports release, and EA's focus is very-clearly on money-making monsters like Ultimate Team more than anything else. Plus, this is the final FIFA EVER - EA will move away from the license next year and develop their own product.

The devs are trying to make the latest Career Mode seem sexy though. EA has added a whole bunch of improvements and tweaks that'll at least make the mode better than FIFA 22's. That, in the age of 12-month development cycles and emphasis on pushing products out the door with catchy marketing speak, is a win for fans.

FIFA 23's Career suite boasts new options for playing games, brings pre-season closer in line to the real thing, adds more customisation than ever before and even gives you the chance to play as a fully-realised Premier League gaffer.

Add in tactical switches, potential personality clashes, fresh cutscenes, personalised third kit choices and menus for the hell of it. Yep, FIFA's Career Mode is changing.

Here's everything you need to know about it.

10. Playable Highlights

FIFA 23 Career Mode
EA Sports

Think of this as an extension of the ‘Quick Sim’ option that was there before.

Now, instead of watching little counters dash about the place for the full 90 minutes, FIFA will offer you playable chunks from the match in question as an alternative. This should save time, but it remains to be seen whether or not it means lower-quality teams will just be defending all the time.

It won't be very fun if you're say...Bournemouth, and end up only playing highlights to stop opponents from scoring, will it? EA must be mindful of that, although this does sound like a better option for players who want to whizz through seasons ASAP.

Madden players will know the score here - that franchise lets you play key moments from games, and even gives gamers the option to only play attacking or defensive snaps. Perhaps that's something EA will stick into FIFA 23's Career Mode too.

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