FIFA 23 Career Mode: 10 Changes You Need To Know

9. They’ve Changed The Menus

FIFA 23 Career Mode
EA Sports

When gamers everywhere sat down to furnish their own wishlists for FIFA 23, it's doubtful anyone put 'New Menus' near the top. This doesn't sound too exciting, to be fair, and it is slightly worrying that EA thinks a new menu will get everyone buzzing.

Still counts as a change though.

On the plus side, it is nice to hear that things like player scouting, contracts set to expire, jobs that are vacant etc will now be on the same page. Sure, this is one of the less-thrilling changes, but it could be a deceptively-nice quality of life improvement for the mode.

Of course, our muscle memory will kick in and we'll still all be using those shoulder buttons to shift between tabs, but EA aims to change that with this subtle upgrade. Obviously, the next step is letting players customise what goes on the main hub.


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