Final Fantasy 14: 10 Reasons It Deserves Your Attention In 2021

The best RPG you're not playing.

final fantasy 14
Square Enix

With the gaming industry crawling at half-speed through the early 2020's, offerings from titan developers are lower than we originally anticipated. The days of a packed Q1 are firmly in the rear-view, and with fewer releases, gamers across the world are facing the first-world problem of making their current crop of games last longer.

Some have taken the perilous plight of trophy or achievement hunting, and others are gravitating towards lengthier titles that require more than a few afternoons to see the credits roll.

The MMO genre fits perfectly into the latter, as the open-ended nature of their design means that whole days, weeks and months will pass before boredom sets in.

A staple of the genre is Final Fantasy XIV, wielding the same name as the JRPG royalty series but injecting a layer of social interactivity that games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 are known for.

However, Square Enix' effort is perhaps the most ripe for new players in 2021, as brand new content, exciting storylines and an immensely friendly community awaits new recruits to the land of Eorzea. So grab your oversized weapon, hop on your Chocobo and meet us at the Aetheryte, because Final Fantasy XIV is the only game you'll need in 2021.

10. How Many Hours?!

final fantasy 14
Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that simply never ends.

As is the way with scores of MMO's, the often grindy, never-ending game design is in full force with Square Enix' crowning game in the genre. Quest markers litter the land and Levequests are always available to make minutes turn into hours, so you'll never feel like there's nothing to do across Eorzea's vast and detailed locations.

Assuming a class early on wields far more fruit than just the way you approach combat, as whole stories are attached to each and every one (which can all be achieved on a single character), and all of which are better than they have any right to be.

As such, you'll spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours meeting new characters and embarking on new journeys. Quest design is far from diverse, and plodding across the luscious greens of the Black Shroud or the vibrant oranges of the deserts around Thanalan, but the constant bid to ascend levels and take on higher difficulty enemies is always a pleasure.

Should you decide to give Final Fantasy XIV a shot, it's certain that it'll be a constant in your gaming habits for months --if not years-- to come.


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