Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 BEST Easter Eggs, Secrets & References

From story hints to cameos, how many did you find in Midgar?

final fantasy 7 tifa
Square Enix

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn't even been out a year, yet fans have already scoured the 30+ hour game for every easter egg, secret, and reference they could find.

The attention to detail placed in bringing the immense city of Midgar to life is felt the moment the opening credits play. The city feels lived in with bustling crowds that were sparse in the original 1997 game. Areas of the city have received upgrades and been fully fleshed out while still keeping the nostalgic qualities fans will instantly recognize. These updates are the perfect opportunity for programmers to hide treats for gamers in the background or within side quests.

While Part II is nowhere in sight (fingers-crossed development moves quicker rather than slower), perhaps hints as to what may befall our favorite ragtag group have already been sprinkled throughout the Remake's updated graphics and extended gameplay. Or maybe the programmers just wanted to give fans a knowing nod and a wink.

Whether small references to the classic 1997 game to interesting cameos, more and more secrets are still being found. Did you manage to catch these on your first venture through Midgar?

10. The Return Of Loveless

final fantasy 7 tifa
Square Enix

Fans of Final Fantasy 7 will be familiar with "Loveless", the fictional play being advertised throughout Midgar. It's one of the first environmental pieces introduced to the player following the opening attack on Mako Reactor 1 and provides a fitting set piece for Cloud and Aerith's first meeting. Not to mention the slight foreshadowing of Aerith's Cetra heritage.

The play is about 3 men who journey in search of the "Gift of the Goddess" and is based on a book of poetry. This may sound familiar to any who played the prequel game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. Especially since the villain of that game is seen reading the book and quoting it every time he was on screen.

It would've looked strange to see anything other than the giant poster of a woman when we ventured through the streets of Midgar for the first time in the Remake. It became such a memorable sight from the classic anything else would've looked out of place.

Glad to see the play was even given a bigger budget to fit with the updated graphics.


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