Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 Secret Weapons, Items & Bosses You MUST Find

Did you know there are multiple secret summons just waiting to be found?

final fantasy 7 remake Bahamut
Square Enix

Can you believe we live in a world where Final Fantasy VII Remake is actually out in the wild?

While this game deals purely with the city of Midgar, and the events that transpire inside it, Square Enix has done an absolute number on expanding the game massively; cramming in new story beats, cheeky dialogue that makes the characters even more loveable and - of course, a few secrets that are certainly worth sniffing out.

Plenty of stuff that's in this game originally wouldn't be acquired until much later on in the story, but thanks to the new battle system, opening it up more with access to more materia and weaponry than you'd usually get at this point was certainly a good idea.

Most of the stuff in the game you can generally stumble across without a care in the world, but there are several items which require a bit more effort to actually unlock, and they're generally worth your time.

It's worth pointing out that while this article tries to steer away from spoilers as much as they can, we are vaguely discussing some endgame content.

10. Extra Character Limit Breaks

final fantasy 7 remake Bahamut
Square Enix

If you remember back in the original Final Fantasy VII, characters would obtain new limit breaks after regularly using the one they currently had equipped.

This isn't the case in Final Fantasy VII Remake. No matter how many times you spam the limit break, you won't get access to any more.

However, there is still a way to get Level 2 limit breaks for all your characters! They're all locked behind challenges in the Colosseum in Wall Market; the challenges are all called 'Legacy' and will challenge you to use a single character to beat a selection of foes across five different rounds.

Completing them with each character will then in turn unlock the following Limit Breaks:

Cloud - Ascension

Barrett: Catastrophe

Tifa: Dolphin Flurry

Aerith: Planet's Protection

It's worth noting that you actually have to equip the limit breaks to use them. Jump into your battle settings section in the menu to find the area where you can swap out your old, rubbish level 1 limit breaks for these excellent and highly superior level 2 ones.


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