Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 Story Changes That Have Already Happened

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Final fantasy 7 remake
Square Enix

In the 23 years since Final Fantasy 7 launched on the PlayStation 1, fan demand for a remake has evolved from quiet suggestions to full-on petitions. The legendary JRPG that made the franchise a household name captured the hearts of millions, and is still one of the most popular games of all time, so it's no surprise that anticipation for the remake is monumental.

As we near the game's new release date of April 10th, it's interesting to look over everything that Square has shown as and see that while the core of the game remains intact, there are some fascinating narrative changes afoot. It's not entirely unexpected, as even people who haven't played the game are probably aware of the game's story on a surface level.

It makes sense for Square to go in and make some changes, both as an effort to surprise longtime FF7 vets, and to potentially go back to discarded elements from the original.

Concepts like the Watchmen of Fate appear to have some ties to previously cut story beats in the 1997 original, while Sephiroth's unexpected appearance in the early going looks to deepen the relationship between him and Cloud.

If you feel like I missed anything, hop into the comments and let me know.

Also, be warned that light spoilers for the original game follow.

10. Hojo Is Watching

Final fantasy 7 remake
Square Enix

In Square's most recent FF7 remake trailer, there appears to be some further expansion on the character of Professor Hojo. His appearance in the original game was limited to a few moments of exposition and a boss fight, so his beefier role in the remake is a welcome one.

Hojo has a deep connection to the overall FF7 mythology, being the devious man behind the SOLDIER program. As one of the major catalysts to the events that led up to FF7's story, it's worth noting that his role in the original game is a little underdeveloped.

So the remake looks to be altering that by showing him keeping a close eye on Cloud, providing his own running commentary.

This allows for Hojo to be a secondary threat after Sephiroth; looming in the background, and should help to further the machinations of Shinra whilst adding some depth to Cloud's storied history.


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