Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Every Confirmed & Leaked Detail We Know

We're (almost) living in a Materia world once more.

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Square Enix

Astonishingly, it's been 22 years since Final Fantasy VII first popularised Square Enix's flagship franchise the world over. Released on the PlayStation in 1997, the multi-disc epic told the story of spiky mercenary Cloud Strife, as he slashed his oversized sword in hot pursuit of silver-haired, silver-tongued menace Sephiroth. An uninitiated mainstream audience were exposed to the curious number-floating nature of JRPGs, as the game firmly lodged itself in the materia slots of many hearts.

That was over two decades ago, but the cherished memories feel like yesterday. Paradoxically, the wait for the long-awaited PS4 remake has gone on for at least a million years - though that feels like an eternity.

Pinch yourself, because it's near. Or at least, some of it is. On 3 March 2020, the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake is summoned onto shelves from Square Enix's studio, and by the looks of things, there's plenty of moogle for your moolah - more than enough to keep you busy until Episode 2 agonisingly creeps over the line.

So we're less than half a year from a generation of gamers being hit full force in the face by an omnislash of nostalgia. Here's everything we know about the game so far.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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