Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review - 6 Ups & 5 Downs

- Ups -

6. One Of The Best Looking Games Of All Time

Final Fantasy VII

Let's start with the positives. FF7R is literally one of the finest looking titles available on modern hardware - a jaw-droppingly stunning achievement in regards to the craft of games, and something that anyone who's seen FF7: Advent Children will be totally blown away by.

Clothing detail including stitching, billowing skirts and hyper-detailed buckles, weapon marks, scuffs and material surfaces. Even Cloud's hair illuminates differently depending on whether you're standing amongst a pile of rubble, or against the backdrop of a setting sun.

I'll get to combat mechanics in a sec, but that too is a sight to behold. Every clash of steel or powder keg spell results in a shower of particle effects - the developers confident enough in their work to let you pause the action and watch every frame drip out in ultra slow-motion.

In many ways, FF7 Remake is a celebration of Final Fantasy VII, and it's a total visual feast in the best way possible.

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