Final Fantasy: Building The Perfect Sequel (1 Feature From Each Game)

32 years, 15 games - 1 perfect idea?

Square Enix

Which Final Fantasy game is the best? It’s an impossible question to answer.

Every fan of the series undoubtably has their own subjective opinion, but the beauty of Square Enix’s flagship franchise is how it constantly evolves between titles, adding, removing or modifying a myriad of gameplay features and series staples with each new release.

As a result, each title has its own show-stopping positive aspects, offset by drawbacks that are more apparent in some titles than others.

Over the next few pages, I'll compile a ‘greatest hits’ of the series. One feature or piece of content from every single-player game, beginning with Final Fantasy IV (when the simplicity and narrowness of I-III was built upon to create something breathtaking), all the way through the saga, with the hope to create a ‘perfect’ Final Fantasy game.

Supplemented further by inclusions from selected RPG spin-offs, including X-2, Type-0, Tactics and the XIII sequels, this deep dive into the franchise’s greatest successes is built from more than twenty years of love, disappointment, bewilderment and frustration with Square-Enix’s one of a kind creation.


Long may it continue.


Alex was about to write a short biography, but he got distracted by something shiny instead.