Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Review [Xbox 360]

Check out our video review of the latest instalment to the Final Fantasy series.

The Final Fantasy series is royalty among gamers. A brand that used to stand for the best graphics, the best stories and the best gameplay that gaming had to offer. However, the most recent entrants in the series have suffered harsh criticism from the long time fans. Final Fantasy X is considered by many to be the last true Final Fantasy, as those that have followed have been either MMORPGs or featured heavy re-inventions of the traditional formula. In a refreshing turn around, Final Fantasy XIII-2 (the second direct sequel to a Final Fantasy title) has addressed many of the issues that plagued its predecessor, looking back to the franchise's history for inspiration. The question is; does Final Fantasy XIII-2 resolve the issues that have led many fans to feel let down by the recent entrants in the series? To find out watch our video review bellow:

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out now on PS3 and Xbox 360.


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