Final Fantasy XV: 10 Essential Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Magic combos, customisation, Chocobo riding and much more...

Square Enix

We've all invested a good few hours into questing across a vast and dangerous world, battling against the odds as we scrape through battles by the skin of our teeth and spend endless hours marching across the enormous landscapes - only to later learn all sorts of useful shortcuts.

Mixing potions will make you stronger, town signs allow you to fast travel, there is such a thing as a block button, to name but three.

Final Fantasy XV is the first entry in the series to throw us into a fully explorable open-world, as well as the first to utilise a real-time battle system. Throw in the latest take on the lore and the new magic system, there is a lot to learn, even for Final Fantasy veterans.

Fortunately, Square Enix have done a great job of making things intuitive, and you'll pick everything up quickly before you get frustrated; but there are still one or two things worth knowing before you fire up your engine and start your road trip with Noctis and his friends.

With some very minor spoilers for the opening chapter, here are our 10 top tips for your first hour in Eos.


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