Final Fantasy XV: 6 Ups & 8 Downs

Chapter 13 is just the worst.

Square Enix

After a decade of waiting, Final Fantasy XV is finally here, and the gaming press has largely praised it for delivering another entertaining entry into the epic RPG franchise.

Indeed, in many ways FFXV is the lavish, absurd spectacle fans were hoping for, even if it's important to appreciate that the game is sure to prove much more divisive with franchise fans than critics.

This is a controversial game for a number of reasons, many of which actively encroach upon the gameplay, while others merely feel like missed opportunities and conjure up some interesting "What if?" scenarios.

Basically, if you're expecting the best game ever, you're probably in for a letdown unless you can forgive some glaring creative and technical issues, but if you already wrote the game off as a disaster, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

If you were smart enough to expect a good but flawed, often contradictory entry into the series, probably on the lower end of the core titles in honestly, then you were pretty much on the money.

Here are 6 ups and 8 downs from Final Fantasy XV...


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