Football Manager 2015: 12 Players Who Will Definitely Be Over-rated

The stars who will most likely be unfairly over-powered.

As is the case with any football game on the market, there will always be players who surpass their real-life performances and capabilities - David Luiz being the glaring inclusion on any FIFA over-rated list since his move from Benfica to Chelsea. With the new season now upon us, we eagerly await the release of the cult classic that is Football Manager, but a summer involving the World Cup always throws a few spanners in the works. The general rule goes that clubs shouldn't base their transfer market around tournament form, but the same could be applied to the research contributors behind Sports Interactive's latest simulator. Several players have made their moves to top European leagues after faring well recently in Brazil, with others perhaps set to see a unprecedented boost in their attributes after a switch to a more reputable side. While bias doesn't come into the equation, statistics can swell based on transfer fee or perhaps the move to a more competitive league. So, without further ado, here are some players whose in-game ability might just transcend reality.

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