Football Manager 2016: Everything You Need To Know

Just when I thought I was out, they've pulled me back in...

Strap yourselves in folks, Football Manager 2016 is just a mere month away. It's almost time for you to start your 2015-16 journey and dedicate countless hours of your precious time sitting (or lying down, whatever gaming stance you prefer) in front of your computer screen. As usual you will become frighteningly absorbed into the alarmingly meticulous database and you will struggle to deal with reality - often missing school, work and various social events. It's time to inform friends, family, partner and pets that very soon you shall be leaving them for a better place. Tell them where you're going you are not an average person who works nine till five, watches Eastenders and puts the brown bin out on a Thursday morning. No, from November 13th you're a highly respected manager with the potential to rise above Sir Bob Paisley in football's hall of fame. As usual, Football Manager's developers have been hard a work and have once again improved on last year's game (despite it being relatively flawless). The new features have started to circulate around the web and quite a number of them have been confirmed by the FM lords. Just when I thought I was out, they've pulled me back in...


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