Football Manager 2019: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

A little more customisation goes a long way...

Football Manager 2019
Si Games

For those who believe FIFA's Career Mode is a hollow slog through endless matches (only with new cutscenes) and the Master League in PES is a little too easy, there's the legendary, unforgiving goodness of Football Manager.

Last year's FM tried hard to introduce "Dynamics", a system that boiled down to some players questioning your leadership and influencing other teammates so they came to the same conclusions. In a game that prides itself on authenticity and realism, it was a flawed mechanic that wouldn't look out of place in EA's footy beast.

It needs more spontaneity. Way more.

There were positive changes too, of course. Every year, SI Games do just enough tinkering with the menus and 3D match engine to keep things interesting. There's so much more they could do though, and that's why FM 2019 is such an important entry in the series; it's seriously time SI did more than just tinker.

Sure, annual games will always be tough to rebuild from the ground up, but the foundations for the most comprehensive footy management sim ever are already there in FM...

10. A Proper FM Touch Experience

Football Manager Touch 2018 Nintendo Switch
SI Games

Attention SI: would it really pain you to put out an on-the-go FM experience that wasn't a buggy mess?

Admittedly, FM Touch did shine (more so when it was portable rather than played with a traditional controller/TV set up) on Nintendo Switch last year. Still though, attempts to scale down Football Manager's text-heavy approach and display it on the Switch's 6.2 inch screen were a bit clumsy. One can't have everything, it seems.

One thing SI Games are going to have to do come 2019's release is find a way to make Touch more appealing to hardcore fans of the series. Maybe that's mission impossible, but things are hardly helped by the lazy bugs users constantly run into and the rather hefty price for a stripped down experience.

If FM Touch is going to thrive, it must be more than an occasionally fun distraction. Playing on iPhone, iPad (or again, Switch) shouldn't come with so many restrictions. Sacrificing the fun factor isn't a cool selling point, folks.


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