Football Manager 2020: 10 Expected Wonderkids You Must Sign

These hot prospects will drive your FM team to trophy after trophy for years to come.

Sports Interactive

There really are few games quite as addictive as the Football Manager series. If you know, you know - the game having been cited in numerous divorce papers! This is a franchise that has had gamers hooked since way back in 1992, and FM won’t be slowing down any time soon.

One of the most enjoyable elements of the FM series, of course, is nurturing future generations of superstars who will lead you to complete and utter dominance. Well, unless you’re at a lesser club whose young stars are simply cherry-picked by the big teams and money men. But still, the point here is that youth is so often key to achieving success on FM. As such, we all end up frantically trying to unearth the next wonderkid who will become the crown jewel in our FM crown.

It’s likely that you will have an idea of what big-name players will be wonderkids on Football Manager 2020 – it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Marcus Rashford might be alright, or that Matthijs de Ligt isn’t all that bad – but we’re looking to give you one-up on the opposition here, as we take a look at some lesser-known talents who seemed destined to have that famed wonderkid tag placed on them when FM2020 is released in November.


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