Football Manager 2021: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

9. Some Clarity On What The Shouts Actually Do

Football Manager Shouts
Sports Interactive

Anyone who has ever watched a football match, from a Sunday league game contested between 22 hungover amateurs and a battle of elite clubs containing world-class athletes will have seen a common theme in the way many managers will take the opportunity to bark commands at their players from the sidelines.

After all, what's the point of taking control of a football team if you can't demand more from them when their concentration levels drop during the latter stages of a crucial game?

Football Manager has long allowed players to give their team a piece of their mind during a match, offering a variety of shouts that can be directed towards the eleven while play is ongoing. The problem is, it's hard to decipher exactly what effect these shouts are intended to have, as most FM players can attest to as they watch their team put in a lacklustre attacking performance despite being demanded to push forward.

Sports Interactive don't need to give away exactly how shouts affect the game, but some extra detail would be greatly appreciated.


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