Football Manager 2021: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

8. Taking Charge Of A Youth Team To Start Your Managerial Career

Football Manager Manager Man

Okay, so this might seem like something of a strange request. I mean, who would want to play the game without being able to make transfers, while also being at the mercy of a club's first-team manager? Fair point.

However, FM is all about realism, and while many top coaches got their start by working their way up the football pyramid, or getting a top job off the back of their playing career, many more got their first taste of taking control of a team in the youth ranks.

Taking charge of an under-23 team would allow players to develop their tactical systems, without having to worry about the financial side of the game. It would also benefit gamers who treat FM as something of a role-playing experience, so they could make connections with youth players which they could then later sign them when they finally get to parlay their experience into taking charge of a club's first team.


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