Football Manager 2021: 12 Essential Improvements It Needs

Another Season brings another chance to enhance - Women, Careers and Retro must be added.

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Football Manager games have been going since the days of Championship Manager, and although many pretenders have threatened to take its crown - hello Total Club Manager and LMA Manager - no title has had such market dominance of its field.

It is a complex game, rich with intricacies but also accessible for new players and those that want to have a bit of fun with it. It offers something for everyone and each year it grows and develops.

Enhanced tactics... Brexit... better team dynamics, they’re so last season. What we want is something new; when do we want it? Preferably in time for the release of Football Manager 21.


12. Real Life Drama

© Maurizio Borsari/AFLO/Nippon News/Corbis

Remember when Mario Balotelli let off fireworks, or when Mario Balotelli drove around Manchester giving out money, or when Mario Balotelli did something else typically outrageous? How great would that be to be included in the game?

The game tries to be realistic to 'outside world' intervention; they've included Brexit already so why not extend that and make the players more real. Having players fail drugs tests would also be an interesting wrinkle, but all it would take is for one person's saved game to include a player who fails a test in real-life and then doubts will be raised.

You could have spats between teammates and sudden falling outs that could derail a championship campaign or necessitate the sale of a player. It would make the game less predictable and more of a challenge with squad harmony, otherwise you can just settle onto a tactic that works for you and walk your division eight years in a row.


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