Football Manager 2021 Review: 9 Ups And 3 Downs


3. Too Many Slip Ups

Football Manager 2021

Not to go all Slippy G, but there seems to be a few too many slip ups in Football Manager 2021.

By that, I mean that you can go on a run where you convincingly smash through all of the better teams in your division, but you'll forever be caught out when playing against the teams languishing at the bottom of the table.

As an example, you could romp past the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United, putting four goals past each team on your way to glory, yet you'll then get turned over 3-0 whenever you play a Fulham, a Leeds, or a West Brom.

Initially, I thought it was maybe something to do with the general system I implemented being not suited to teams who tend to sit back more, but even a change of tactics and formation don't seem to work in this regard.

Football Manager - and before that, Championship Manager - always has a habit of bringing a player crashing back down to earth, although Football Manager 2021 seems to take this to an extreme level. And more-so, it's always against the lesser teams that you'll find yourself inexplicably staring shocking defeats in the face.

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