Forza Horizon: 4 Reasons To Be Excited

Forza Horizon is definitely a game to be watching out for. Not a traditional racing simulation, but equally not an action or arcade racer, The new Forza game is an exciting blend of accurate driving physics and the thrill of driving fast on the open road with your music just a little too loud. With the game a little over a month away I wanted to give you my top four reasons that I think you should be excited for Forza Horizon.

4. The Huge Amount of Content

Forza Horizon's open world map is enormous, I only visited a tiny fraction of the available roads in my time with the game, but it's not all just empty space. By the time you complete the game that huge map is littered with a huge numbers of different coloured dots for different types of races. There are several different tiers of races, environments to explore, callenges to complete and places to visit that you might not even realise that all of the other 250 racers in the tournament are driving around the world. Drive up behind one and you can trigger a street race with them. After beating all of the other racers you still have your friends scores to asynchronously challenge or the challenge of racing them real time. In short, this game has a lot of content to experience for your money. Oh, also an awful lot of cars to collect and upgrade too.

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