Game Of Thrones: 7 Video Game Mods You Need To See

A Lannister always mods his games.

Game of Thrones skyrim

Now that Winter has at last arrived in Westeros, the production crew thought best to wait until the snow starts falling before they roll the cameras. Makes sense - but that means we have to wait a little longer for our annual Game of Thrones fix. For the book readers, G.R.R Martin announced 2017 will be the year of "The Winds of Winter", but then again, he said that last year as well.

Fortunately, fans have found a solution for the wait between seasons and book releases. Rather than spending the hiatus boarding up the windows from potential White Walkers, roasting a fat pig over the fire and sleeping with one eye open at family get-togethers, why not revisit some classic PC games, with a twist?

There are numerous mods, ranging from partial to total conversions, that incorporate the lore, the characters and the lands of A Song of Ice and Fire, but only a few that do it so well as to keep you coming back again and again.

Whether you want to customise your own hero and explore Westeros freely, take part in huge scale battles as you vie for the Iron Throne, or use deception, plot and intrigue to manipulate your way into power, these Game of Thrones mods will placate your desires better than any wench out of King's Landing.

7. A Clash Of Kings (Mount And Blade: Warband)

At well over double the size of the original Warband map, Westeros and Essos have been fully recreated in the Mount and Blade cult classic. A Clash of Kings allows you to fully customise a hero, including choosing backgrounds specific to the ASOIAF universe.

You can choose your own banner and begin to wander the massive world and the towns and cities that have been recreated within. As you build your alliances and reputations, you can swear allegiance to one side or start your own House, taking part in epic battles so typical of the series, but this time with a GoT twist.

The mod is still in development and has proved hugely popular, with new missions and factions being added regularly.

Watch out, Cersei! We're coming to King's Landing!


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