Gears 5 Review: The Best One Yet?

The major step up from 4 we needed.

gears 5
The Coalition

Rating: ★★★★½

Platform: Xbox One & Xbox One X

Gears of War is back with a renewed confidence. Dropping ‘of War’ is something which was rumoured to happen with 4, but never came to pass and oddly enough, it is quite fitting that it has happened here, as this game is the first to paint war and conflict in such a terrifying light.

The series is changing, and for the better. Sure, third-person action cover shooting is still here, but at the same time, it has grown so much from the first instalment way back in 2006. No longer is this just a series about beefed up guys crushing Locast hordes, as with Gears 5 the heart of the series is finally allowed to shine through.

Gears 5 has come around at an odd time, both for the series and for Microsoft. The first party line up this generation for the Xbox One has been less than desirable with cancellations, misfires and some buggy messes. Is this finally the game Xbox One players deserve?

More importantly, is this a step up from the extremely safe Gears of War 4?

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