Get Ready For A New Super Mario Movie From Nintendo

The Minions team will bring Mario Mario to the big screen again...

Super Mario Bros Movie

With the Nintendo Switch currently delighting everyone and already outselling the Wii U, you'd think Nintendo would be happy to sit on their successes and not try too hard to throw any spanners in the works. They've already taken a big gamble in unveiling the news of their bonkers Labo Kits to great effect, so pushing their luck too much is just silly.

Still, it's always been slightly odd that we haven't seen a proper Super Mario Bros movie. Well, one that's actually watchable anyway.

So far, Mario's big screen legacy is limited to the 1993 Disney live-action flick starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper and some really silly looking tiny-headed dino-men. They looked sort of like Doomsday from Batman v Superman, it wasn't good.


Anyway, despite a supposed video game movie curse making sure that almost every film released as an adaptation has sucked badly (and even the better ones are only better because they suck less), Nintendo and Illumination (best known for making the word "banana" a whole joke in the Despicable Me franchise) are teaming up to bring Mario to the big screen.

Nintendo confirmed as much on Twitter:


It's been in the pipeline for a while, but it's interesting to see it confirmed now. And hopefully, Illumination's track record will mean it's actually worthwhile (though we can probably expect it to be aimed solely at a younger audience).


Presumably, he won't be a plumber either, since Nintendo have quietly got rid of that detail from his story. Not that it ever made sense anyway.

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