Ghost Of Tsushima: 8 Tiny Details That'll Blow Your Mind

7. Blood Sprays Everywhere Accurately

Ghost of Tsushima Blood
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Ghost of Tsushima blends together filmic myth and historical reality to impart its own take on feudal Japan, an approach that manifests most obviously in its combat.

Tsushima's swordplay is excellent, and is rooted in real life technique. Jin can switch between several different stances to get an advantage over his opponents, and when blows hit, they really hit. The Sakai katana isn't just another over-glorified baseball bat or blunt instrument; it's sharp, deadly, and cuts through people like a hot knife through butter.

In typical cinematic fashion, depending on where you make contact with your opponent, blood will jet and gush in various but specific directions. Land one against their neck, for instance, and the spray will erupt from that specific body part and spill on to the environment in gruesome fashion. Stab someone in the chest, and blood will jet from the exit wound and land behind them.

The cherry on top of this blood-themed cake? When swiping right on the touchpad to sheathe Jin's katana, he'll either wipe it off on his clothes, or flick the blood onto the ground - and it doesn't disappear!

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