Ghost Of Tsushima: 8 Tiny Details That'll Blow Your Mind

8. Jin Brushes His Hand Through The Tall Grass While On His Horse

Ghost of Tsushima Intro
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Starting off with a small but perhaps evocative detail now. When Jin is galloping at full speed on his horse, or just leisurely strolling through a field of tall grass or flowers, he'll lean his hand over, outstretched, to feel the foliage brush against his finger tips.

You actually see him first do this in the game's intro, and it hammers home his reverence for Tsushima extremely well. There are plenty of opportunities for Jin (and by extension the player) to take in Tsushima's beauty, and the simple act of him dangling his hand into the island's fields illustrates but one way the game forces players to adjust their gaze and focus on something other than the next objective.

Ghost of Tsushima's introduction is suitably cinematic and filled to the brim with highlights, but when it ends, and the world opens up, seeing Jin reach into the fields and be enveloped by nature truly is a sight to behold.

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