God Of War: 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Ever Done

An epic scumbag.

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Though last year's incredible God of War reboot reimagined franchise protagonist Kratos in an unexpectedly nuanced and deeply satisfying way, there's no chance of fans forgetting the character's ultra-shady, super effed-up past any time soon.

Across the original God of War trilogy, Kratos was noted as one of gaming's toughest-to-like "heroes", for despite his extremely badass design and the superb accompanying gameplay, the guy was a total a**hole.

Between serving only himself, making insanely dumb mistakes, murdering people whether they deserved it or not and basically being a totally unrelatable, irredeemable rage monster, Kratos has done more heinous things throughout his video game tenure than most recurring gaming antagonists, even.

While many of Kratos' enemies certainly had it coming, it's also fair to say that mercy and critical thought haven't ever been the iconic Spartan's strongest suits.

Although Kratos appears to have been somewhat rehabilitated as a more contemplative and reflective character post-reboot, re-visiting his earlier adventures confirms just how thoroughly terrible he truly was...

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