God Of War 2018: 9 Subtly Genius Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

9. "The Cycle Ends Here"


Zeus was never going to win any Father of the Year awards for the pain and suffering he caused Kratos, but he didn't depart this mortal plane without first imparting some words of wisdom on his son. Before snapping Baldur's neck like a twig at God of War's conclusion, Kratos' bearded lips part and whisper the phrase "the cycle ends here" into his ear.

It's the very same series of choice words Zeus mutters after lodging the Blade of Sparta into Kratos' chest, but it's not in the context of fear and self-preservation that Kratos repeats the phrase. Rather, he wants to set an example to mortals - and his son - that the gods must be above such pettiness.

Of course, if the mural depicting Atreus murdering his own dad is anything to go by, the cycle is destined to repeat itself, but Kratos has literally altered the course of events before. Why not again?

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